Brayford Studio provides private pregnancy scans and 4D Baby Scans in Lincolnshire
Brayford Studio provides private pregnancy scans and 4D Baby Scans in Lincolnshire

What you should know about your 3D/4D Baby Scan

About Your 4D Baby Scan

The recent and latest technology has allowed the acquisition of the 4th dimension of the real time scan. This results in a moving image of the baby inside the mother's womb.

The best time to come for your 4D scan is between 22-36 weeks of pregnancy. You may bring your partner and up to 4 other guests to attend your ultrasound scan. We have a further screen on the wall so everyone gets a good view.

There is no medical evidence to suggest that this type of 3D/4D ultrasound scan is harmful to you in your pregnancy, or to your unborn baby.
We observe the A.L.A.R.A. principles during our scanning ie as low and minimum an exposure as possible.

Your 4D scan will be performed by one of our senior sonographers.

We allow a 60 minute appointment for every 3D/4D baby scan. This is to allow an unhurried, very special experience for you, your partner and guests.

Your baby bonding ultrasound scan is not as some people think all carried out in 3D/4D mode. The sonographer will use 2D as in your routine scans to determine your baby's position, presentation etc. and switches to 3D when your baby's position is favourable for 3D images.

Your 2D/3D/4D scan is non medical and non diagnostic. The main reason for requesting this type of ultrasound scan in pregnancy is for reassurance and for bonding with your unborn baby.

During your pregnancy you must continue to attend for your regular ultrasound scans offered by your local maternity hospital.

If in the event that your baby is not in a good position to obtain good quality 3D images then we will stop scanning and you will be advised to take a stroll around the garden or the village, or perhaps to take a cold fizzy drink all of which may help to change your baby's position inside the womb and allow us to obtain good quality 3D images. After which we will resume scanning.

While you have your scan you can relax listening to the renowned international composer Simon Cooper whose music has been composed to soothe babies and their parents too. If you have your own music you may also bring this and it will be recorded in the background of your scan DVD otherwise Simon Cooper's music will be in the background of your baby scan DVD.

After trying all the tricks to get baby's pictures and then, in the opinion of the sonographer the quality of the 3D images is still not acceptable, you will be asked to pay half your 3D/4D package price and be offered another scan appointment at a later date when the balance of the package fee will be payable. Alternatively you may not wish to return for a further scan in which case you would be asked to pay half of your package price and you will be given the images that we have managed to obtain regardless of their quality.

The main reasons for poor quality images are a pregnancy that has advanced beyond 34-36 weeks, the position of your baby or of the placenta. Another factor is excessive weight, it is more difficult for the ultrasonic waves to pass through excessive fatty tissue and so 3D images may not be so clear as in someone who is very slim, although this is not always the case and so much is dependant on your baby's position.

In the unfortunate event of the sonographer finding an abnormality, or any unexpected problem during the course of your ultrasound scan. Our Senior Sonograher will be able to discuss this with you at length and of course all details and reports will be communicated with your own health care professionals, if you so wish.

You do not need a full bladder for a 4D scan, however, a full bladder has found to be helpful in special circumstances.

Please remember to bring your maternity note with you.

* Please note that each person is allowed to come twice only after the initial visit because of poor quality pictures

For your 4D scan please ring Brayford Studio: Tel. 01522 683347

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