Brayford Studio provides private pregnancy scans and 4D Baby Scans in Lincolnshire
Brayford Studio provides private pregnancy scans and 4D Baby Scans in Lincolnshire

Gender Scan

Gender Scan (sometimes called sexing scan) - Fetal Sexing of your baby

14 Weeks - 40 Weeks.

Gender scan is normally only available from 14 weeks onwards at the Brayford Studio Lincolnshire or 20-22 weeks at your local NHS hospital, with a pick up success rate of up to 90%. For those who would like to find out the gender of their baby before 16 weeks, there are two new tests available, provided that screening is required too.

The Panorama blood test provides the gender of your baby after 9 weeks of pregnancy and after 10 weeks with the Harmony blood test. Gender is the by product of these two tests.

The new Panorama and Harmony blood tests are mainly for screening Chromosomal syndromes like Down's & Edwards syndromes amongst others and they are very reassuring especially for older mothers.

Why not purchase our new Brayford Studio Heart Bear with your Baby’s heart beat recorded on to for only £25.99 with your Gender Scan as a gift for your Partner.

It is possible to purchase a DVD for the price of £19.99 with a Gender scan

*A Gender scan is tried 3 times and if not successful after the 3rd attempt a further 1 scan will be performed in 1 weeks time from the appointment free of charge, so you will find out the Gender of your baby.

For those couples who can not wait, sexing of the baby is there for you here at the Brayford Studio Lincolnshire. This scan is usually performed after 16 weeks of pregnancy. We can determine sex accurately in up to 90% of cases. This Gender scan or early sexing scan to find out whether it is a girl or boy will give you plenty of time to decide about your favorite name for your baby and also colour of your wall paper in the nursery room.

Gender scan is performed from 16 completed weeks of pregnancy. We currently perform 2 different scans for Gender’s determination:

From 16th week and up to 19 weeks and 6 days we perform a 2D Gender scan.

From 20 weeks onwards and after a normal 20 week’s Hospital scan, we may perform either 2 D scan or a 4D Gender scan as requested.

Please bring your maternity notes with you.

Package Price
2D Gender scan at 14 weeks £125.99
2D Gender scan at 15 weeks £89.99
2D Gender scan at 16 weeks £74.99
2D Gender scan at 17 weeks £79.99
2D Gender scan at 18-19 weeks £99.99
2D Gender scan at 20-42 weeks £125.99
4D Gender scan for singleton pregnancy From 20 Weeks £150.99
2D Gender scan for Twins
During Gender scan for twins we do lot of measurements for each twins this include determination of zygosity ie whether the twins are identical or not or confirm this if it is already known. The size of head, abdomen and femur length of both twins is noted. also wellbeing of both babies and to exclude and to look for fetal abnormalities is a must. We also listen the fetal heart of both baby. We give you few pictures of each twins separetly in 2 separate wallets. We also give you two other pictures of both twins together. All this makes a comprehensive assessment of both twins during the gender scan for twins.
2D Gender scan & DVD - at 16 weeks £94.99
2D Gender scan - Same Day appointment (at 16 Weeks) £99.99

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